Health benefits of regular sex

July 18

In case you’re wondering why have sex more than just once to see what everyone’s speaking about, the reason is health benefits! Some people say that sex is the second best sport after football. When you think of the amount of injuries you avoid when coupling instead of running after a ball, having sex might after all be healthier than playing football. Here’s why.

Benefits for women

Regular sex is vital for maintaining higher estrogen levels in women. Higher estrogen has been associated with better bones, better cardiovascular health, and a feeling of joy in life.

Benefits for men

For men, regular sex leads to a higher testosterone level, which leads to greater confidence, vitality, strength and energy.

These pieces of potentially life-saving knowledge come from the book The Power of Five by Harold Bloomfield, M.D., as quoted in Mars and Venus in the Bedroom by John Gray. Enjoy responsibly.


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