Product development and sexual success

May 11

The success of businesses depends the most on two factors: the product itself and its marketing. You may be surprised to learn how much things are the same for the sexual success of us humans.

Product development or death

When a business is selling itself, it is proposing to trade what it has, which is one unit of its product, to what the customer has, money. The better the product, the more customers want it and the more they are willing to pay for. With a better product the company can either sell as many products with a higher price or sell more with the same price, both ways resulting in more of what it wants: money.

The number one reason why corporations rise and fall in size are successess and failures in product development. Google is the global number one in search engines with a huge margin, because it has for a long time delivered what users have wanted the most – relevant search results. McDonald’s has developed the hamburgers and the fast food experience that best responds to the desires of the biggest amount of customers, making them the most successful company in the field of fast food.

Marketing is #2

Both of these companies spend lots in advertising, McDonald’s in TV and print ads and Google in affiliate marketing – for example paying the Mozilla Foundation to have Google Search as the default search in their Firefox web browser.

But all the marketing in the world cannot prevent people from exercising their free choice to switch to a better product as soon as one exists. The switch doesn’t happen overnight, and that’s why Nokia still has the possibility for a comeback after the decline in their market share in smart phones that has lasted for years. But even if they make a comeback, their mistake in letting their competition get ahead in product development has already cost them billions of euros in lost business. If they continuously fail to offer something that is on par or better than the competition, they will shrink out of existence.

Sexual selection is the same as business

Any human’s success in sexual selection is most dependent on the product that the individuals themselves represent. In the heterosexual market the potential buyers are the members of the opposing gender.

Just as we are offering ourselves as the trophy, what we are looking for is another person. More literally, we offer the company of ourselves and the services we can provide as an exchange for the same from the other person.

Our product is ourselves, the way we behave and think and what we are capable of. Or marketing includes our choice of clothes, make-up and so forth. Mix these to match the desires of those who you want to want you. Just like with corporations, the results of marketing are shorter-lived than the results of developing your product.

A key to happiness is understanding that the best you can get is the best one who wants to get you.


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