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Gender equality, income and the feminist media

Gender equality, income and the media in Finland are connected in a particular way which will be uncovered in this blog post.

Lies, damned lies and statistics

In Finland, the general perception is that women earn less than men for the exact same jobs. The population has gotten this view from the popular media and it is used as a political argument for supporting women in the expense of men to balance the injustice, whether through research funds that employ mostly women or by suggested laws that would enforce publicly listed corporations to have a quota of females in their boards of directors (seriously).

Several years ago the similar political agenda was morally boosted by news that reported that women are less accident-prone as drivers and thus safer for all of us who leave our homes. What this and the reported income inequality have in common is that they are false, the evidence is easily available and most journalists choose to ignore it. Read the rest of this entry »


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Health benefits of regular sex

In case you’re wondering why have sex more than just once to see what everyone’s speaking about, the reason is health benefits! Some people say that sex is the second best sport after football. When you think of the amount of injuries you avoid when coupling instead of running after a ball, having sex might after all be healthier than playing football. Here’s why.

Benefits for women

Regular sex is vital for maintaining higher estrogen levels in women. Higher estrogen has been associated with better bones, better cardiovascular health, and a feeling of joy in life.

Benefits for men

For men, regular sex leads to a higher testosterone level, which leads to greater confidence, vitality, strength and energy.

These pieces of potentially life-saving knowledge come from the book The Power of Five by Harold Bloomfield, M.D., as quoted in Mars and Venus in the Bedroom by John Gray. Enjoy responsibly.


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Smiling Men Seen As Less Sexy

Reuters writes “women find happy men less sexually attractive than those with expressions that show pride”. Women also find men radiating a sense of naughty guilt to be attractive according to researchers of University of British Columbia.

They conducted a study by showing pictures of the opposite sex to both men and women. Participants were then asked for their initial reactions on sexual attractiveness based on the expressions they saw.

Women saw smiling men as too feminine or as desperate for sex. Jessica Tracy, the professor who directed the study, interpreted the study as supporting the view that women are attracted to bad boys. Read the rest of this entry »


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Best and Worst Invention in History: Capitalism and Sex

The best invention in the history of mankind is capitalism. The idea is simple: You get paid only for helping others. Nobody buys from you unless it benefits them. Not only does it benefit them, but it benefits them more than keeping the money or using it for anything else.

As a general rule people do what’s best for themselves. The society as a whole benefits from capitalism because what is best for oneself is a good thing for the others, too. A baker makes bread for others to eat, sells it, and then buys the services of a plumber. Everyone seeks to benefit everyone else, because that’s how they benefits themselves.

Sex is another matter. Sexual desire is so powerful that according to Tuzin (1995) individuals have risked their lives, families and reputations while following their sexual desires.

Sexual desire is part of our biology. Mathematically speaking both men and women have as much sex in heterosexual relationships. However, men and women generally don’t have the same aims in their relationships. Statistically speaking men want a lot more short-term sexual partners (Symons 1979, Buss & Schmitt 1993).

Differences in this part of sexual desire are the root for a social conflict that divides each and every society that has ever existed on earth. In many interactions between human males and females, having sex appears to be a perfectly good result for males, but females seem to find that as the wrong outcome. What females see as a good outcome is a male committing resources for the female, for example time or money, which the males are not really that into.

The result of this conflict is that human relationships require constant compromising. In a typical marriage the woman wants the man to be at home and with the kids more, while the man might prefer going to a bar or to see a football game with his friends and risk a chance of meeting someone to have a short-term sexual relationship with.

It’s not just between men and women, though. Females compete between each other. Males compete between each other. And it’s not between individuals either: women around the world campaign for limiting the power of other, especially more attractive, women.

In many Western countries there are constant political campaigns to ban different forms of sexuality: prostitution, sex shops, porn, short skirts… The common thing to these is that they’re all something that men enjoy more than women. So some women supply this need, as per capitalism goes, and most of the rest of women try to combat this competition with legislation. By reducing the supply of sex they would increase their own negotiation power over men. The less whores, the more men there are that are desperate enough for sex that they don’t mind being in a relationship with a person they wouldn’t otherwise like enough to live with.

In the Middle East the mass of average women start all kinds of hell when someone proposes that women shouldn’t need to wear a veil over their heads. You’d suppose women would be against that sort of restriction to their lives, right? No! It increases the power that attractive women have over men. That decreases the power all the other women have over men. You can almost hear a Persian woman saying “When it’s about the civil rights of some bitch across the town or making sure your man stays your man, you do what you gotta do, sister.”

Want to create world peace? Help men and women enjoy the same things in sex and elsewhere. Open-minded information sharing is a good way to start.



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The Difference Between Men and Women

There are two very fundamental biological differences between men and women:

  • Women’s ability to reproduce is limited to a maximum of about one child per year. Men’s ability to reproduce is limited only by the amount of women they can fertilize.
  • Women’s minimum investment per child is nine month. Men’s minimum investment is the fertilization.

Neither one of these has changed in the last five million years. Nearly all differences between the behavior and physiology of men and women stem from these two. Here are two revealing examples: Read the rest of this entry »


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First 3D Porn Movie Coming Up

The first 3D porn movie is being made in Hong Kong. The three million dollar film is starred by Japanese singer and actress Saori Hara. Both China and Japan have stricter porn regulation laws than most industrialized countries. According to director Stephen Shiu, this just makes their film more popular. Even if the movie sucks, 3D does make porn more real. What took so long?


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Why Celebrities Don’t Date Regular People

Samu Haber, vocalist of the rock band Sunrise Avenue, left his wife-to-be on the altar after getting a record deal on the same day. This set the record on the theme that most relationships don’t last long if either partner becomes famous. It’s a common event that the winner of any big Miss Whatever competition leaves her boyfriend and takes a new one of a higher socioeconomic status. If you’ve heard someone talk about this, chances are you’ve heard them state an incorrect reason for why this happened. The reason is not that Mr. or Ms. newly-glamorous changed as a person. What changed was his or her options for a partner.

This is Samu Haber’s ex-girlfriend interviewing him. Here’s the new one. Do you see any difference?


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Fat Men Are More Faithful

Fat men are less likely to have sexual adventures outside a relationship – and not because of a lack of opportunity. The study may sound disappointing to women who like their husbands thin, but the findings are most logical. In the German survey of 1 000 men aged 31 to 69 the relationship of round shape to avoidance of sex outside the relationship was as linear as can be:

  • 23 % of men of normal weight
  • 19 % of moderately overweight and
  • 11 % of fat men admitted interest in having sex with someone else than their relationship partner.

Read the rest of this entry »


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Why Women Give Men Bad Dating Advice

Guys, you know what I’m talking about. Out of all the dating advice you have received from women, none or almost none have been useful. Ladies, I’m sure you know of men who followed the advice of their mother and female friends and did not comeĀ  even close to charming the woman of their dreams.

Advice like “be nice, bring her flowers, be respectful” sounds logical when inspected in vacuum. When you take into account the full spectrum of human affairs, it doesn’t take long to see that there is more going on than meets the eye. Read the rest of this entry »


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